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Our Mission Defined…

This work is dedicated to the advancement, clarification and defense of the Gospel of Christ,
God has placed the members in the body as it has pleased Him, therefore, when you find a member of the body of Christ that has been given to excel in the proclamation of the truth, it is expedient to share those thoughts and expressions with all the brethren, actually, this is in part, what the weekly gathering of the saints is for, that all the members would be built up together in their faith, grounded and settled in the truth, as it is in Christ Jesus.
The ministry of the spoken word cannot be overstated, for it is by the "foolishness of preaching" that God has determined to "save them" that believe. The message therefore is of paramount importance, if the message is flawed, if the message is mis-leading, then those who imbibe and believe it will also be flawed and mis-lead in their understanding of who God is, and what He is doing in Christ.
It is the clear and distinct proclamation of what God has revealed in the scriptures, specifically concerning what He has accomplished in the death, burial and resurrection of His Son, Christ Jesus, that reveals the true condition of the hearts of men, and it is the same message that brings faith, hope, edification and comfort to all those who God has put into Christ; those who are willingly submitting to and believing the record that God has given.
The sermons, lessons, thoughts contained in this archive are presented to all those who have received a love of the truth, they are available to you as a resource for study, edification and distribution to others in the body of Christ.
All that we ask for in the way of re-printing or editing is that the thoughts presented here would remain in tact and unaltered, you may present clips of audio, but we ask that they are not re-arranged in such a way as to mis-represent what is being spoken here.
If you know of someone, or a group of brethren, who are faithfully preaching the Word of God please drop us a link, we are always looking for faithful preachers of the Gospel of Christ.